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KAISHENG XINXIN(VIC INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LIMITED) , Your Best PVC Decorative Films and PVC Lamination Sheets Manufacturer, Will Make Your Sales Soar

KAISHENG XINXIN is a professional manufacturer of high-grade PVC decorative films(PVC lamination sheets),our factory is located in Foshan, a city in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area.With superior location and convenient transportation, the company covers an area of 15,000 square meters.

XINXIN has made great development since 2006.The factory production line covers the whole process of calendering,printing and laminating for the production of PVC decorative films which is also commonly referred to as PVC lamination sheets. We adhere to the quality concept of “source management”, so our factory has imported advanced production equipment from Germany and Austria, as well as their exquisite processing technology, and uses high-quality raw materials from Taiwan and Korea.

We have more than 2000 styles for customers to choose from and  every year we design new colors or patterns according to the domestic trends of our customers. The main products we supply are: PVC wood grain series, marble series, metal series, skin feel film series and calendered films and other PVC furniture films.The PVC decorative films (PVC lamination sheets)produced by our factory are certified by ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008, Reach, and SGS. Our products are widely used in many fields such as whole house custom home decoration, furniture factory, large office decoration, booth props and ship decoration. So far, its sales network has covered the domestic market and overseas markets. With fashionable design, stable quality and superior cost performance, we enjoys a high reputation in the industry and establish long-term business relationships with customers around the world on a mutually beneficial basis.

Meanwhile, XINXIN is your PVC decorative films and PVC lamination sheets one-stop customized solution expert, we carry out a full range of customized services to meet the needs of our customers and help your business soar.

Advanced and Efficient Production Line for PVC Decorative Film(PVC Lamination Sheets)

Automatic mixing and metering machine

Automatic and precise formula measurement, full and effective mixing, effectively guarantee the production of high quality PVC films. Long-term raw materials cooperation with more than 10 famous suppliers from Korea and Taiwan. 

4 professional calendering production lines imported from Germany

Using efficient and advanced PVC calendering equipment, we have an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons and can produce soft or semi-rigid PVC films with thicknesses of 0.05-0.60 mm with precise thickness control (thickness tolerance ≤ 0.01 mm). Our calendering equipment is independently driven by stirred grinding rolls, which are resistant to wear and low noise. In addition, the surface of the rolls is hard and very smooth.

6 imported three-layer laminating machines

Advanced PVC three-layer laminating and embossing machine, with automatic tension control, automatic temperature control and heat-conducting oil heating. The laminated PVC sheet is firmly laminated with low shrinkage rate.

9 sets of high precision automatic printing machines

High-precision automatic printing machine with precise color positioning, super stability and good drying effect. Together with the high quality ink produced in Taiwan, the printed products have stable and natural realistic colors, effectively delaying fading and long service life. In addition, according to customer demand, we can provide environmental protection water-based ink to meet the export demand of individual countries.

300 embossing rollers pattern

We have more than 300 different embossing roller patterns, with clear lines, beautiful patterns, rich layers and accurate dimensions.

2000 printing rollers pattern

We have more than 2000 printing patterns to meet the needs of different customers, such as wood grain film, marble film, metallic film, etc. Every year our design team develops new styles, working with us will help your pvc sheet products become the most popular and fashionable in the market.

Why Choose Us?

Factory advantages

We have our own full process production line and can offer competitive and reasonable prices. Giving you a strong competitive edge in the marketplace.


Various colors and patterns

We have over 1000 patterns and color designs to meet the needs of most of our customers. And new and fashionable styles are updated every year.

Fast & free Sample

We have many samples in stock and can provide free samples for testing, usually delivered in a week’s time. In addition, we have a professional design team that can provide professional PVC decorative film and lamination sheet customization services.

Fast delivery

We have enough production capacity to deliver the products to our customers on time. Our production time is 15-20days after payment and we provide printing samples. For some urgent orders, we can usually coordinate the production to correspond as well.

Strict Quality Control on Every Meter of PVC Decorative Films( PVC Lamination Sheets)

KAISHENG XINXIN’s goal is to provide fashionable, environmentally friendly and colourful PVC decorative films and lamination sheets at ex-factory prices to customers all over the world. We use advanced production equipment from Germany and Austria, as well as the best raw materials from Taiwan and Korea. Our experienced manufacturing team has extensive experience in quality control, especially in the management of colour aberration. We take every order seriously, no matter how big or small. In terms of product design, we continue to introduce new colours and patterns every year to keep our customers competitive and attractive in the market.

Raw Material Control

  • KAISHENG XINXIN imports raw materials from Taiwan and Korea, and has strict standards for raw material selection. We insist on using environmentally friendly materials and maintain long-term and stable cooperation with these suppliers.
  • Our company produces its own PVC calendering film. Thanks to advanced equipment and high-quality raw materials, our calendered films have stable performance in physical properties such as impact strength and tension. This provides a stable base film for our decorative film and lamination sheet production and increases its lifespan.


  • Adopt the advanced and efficient ink drying technology in China, which greatly improves the drying efficiency and has a significant micro-negative pressure effect, reducing the dry plate situation.
  • Non-fading, high colour fastness.Our PVC decorative films and lamination sheets have good color fastness and color fidelity due to the use of sophisticated fully automatic computer-to-plate printing equipment and excellent ink.
  • Use of eco-friendly paints.We are able to provide water-based environmental protection ink to ensure the products meet the export requirements of some countries.
  • Refusing to use waste ink.  

Imported Machine

  • Advanced production equipment and mature processing technology from Germany and Austria.

  • In addition to the advanced production equipment, we are also well equipped with testing equipment. We have a wide range of testing equipment such as the High Performance Liquid Chromatograp and Micro-Raman Spectorometer.We are able to measure colour brightness, surface tension, peel strength, tensile strength and other items. We guarantee that every metre of PVC decorative film and lamination sheet delivered to our customers is perfect.

Quality Inspection

  • The combination of high precision automatic  printing technology and quality inks allows us to effectively control the chromatic aberration between batches. In addition, we keep samples of each batch of our customers’ orders for at least 3 years to ensure consistency of colour from batch to batch.
  • If you can provide us with a sample, we can match your sample colour 99%.
  • XINXIN is well equipped to carry out laboratory tests including thickness, peel strength, tensile strength,flatness,chromatic aberration,brightness(gloss, mattness) and other items to ensure a high quality product.
  • We have SGS and ISO certification and have long and stable relationships with many of the world’s most advanced furniture manufacturers.

Experienced Team to SkyRocket Your Business

Designer Team

With a team of top original designers, XININ is committed to providing our customers with the latest and most popular colours.XININ not only develops new designs that are popular in the Chinese market, but also fully researches the popular colour trends in our customers’ countries every year. With strong technical capabilities, we are committed to providing our customers with the most popular and sought-after colours in each country, and we ensure that all designs are original, aiming to create unique products for you.

Production Team

KAISHENG XINXIN’s production team has been working with PVC decorative films and lamination sheets for an average of more than 7 years. XINXIN’s engineers are all experienced in the PVC calendering and printing industry. Their rich experience, skilful technology and long-term teamwork enable them to achieve high quality and efficiency. 

Sales Team

Our experienced sales have a good understanding of our customers’ needs and can provide the necessary assistance based on their experience in the industry. Working with our professional sales team can greatly reduce your time costs.

Quality Control Team

In addition to our experienced production team, we also have excellent quality management staff. They are responsible for the strict control on the color, size and performance parameters of the products and double checking before shipment to ensure the high quality of our customers’ orders.

Printing Team

Our printing team has more than 10 years of rich printing experience. Their precise color matching and ability to operate printing equipment enable them to prevent color aberration in time during the production process. We guarantee that every order from our customers will not have color aberration.

Packing Team

The KAISHENG XINXIN packaging team is skilled in the packaging and shipping process, all of which enables them to pack orders efficiently and ensure that each parcel is dispatched smoothly on the same day.All products are packaged with an insulating film coating, the pallets are covered with the same foam insulation film, in short we take stringent measures to prevent shocks and tipping to ensure that the products delivered are in perfect condition.

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