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KAISHENG XINXIN 3D Synchronous Embossing PVC Lamination Sheet

  • Exquisite patterns and popular colours are available
  • Free samples for testing
  • Support customization

The Most Popular XINXIN 3D Synchronous embossing PVC lamination sheet

XINXIN’s 3D Synchronous Embossing PVC lamination Sheet uses a highly recognized brand of PVC resin as the raw material. We have over a thousand different colors and wood grain designs to help you achieve different styles and coordinate the different colors of your products. We also have the ability to match the design and color you need based on the samples provided. Our products are of superb standard with good printability, high abrasion resistance, color stability .

XINXIN’s 3D Synchronous Embossing PVC lamination sheets  are used in a large number of single color, two color, and wood grain colors. We use advanced laminating and embossing equipment and techniques that provide very realistic textures. Our finishes are available in matte, high gloss or with metallic sheen. In addition we support customization service, we can customize designs, logos, text on cartons, labels or products. 

Our team constantly introduces new design styles to meet the individual needs of our customers while ensuring the quality of our products. We firmly believe that our products can provide a positive and effective impetus to your business development. 


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Why Choose Us ?

XINXIN’s PVC lamination sheet products are available at a very competitive price, and it is invaluable to have new colors and patterns available every year.

The XINXIN company has more than ten years of PVC lamination sheet production technology management elite team, the company introduced advanced five-color computer automatic printing machine, three-layer composite production line, slitting machine, gluing machine and other production equipment. The company has strong technical force, complete product varieties and excellent quality. Using exquisite processing technology, strict product testing methods and scientific management, the production of PVC lamination sheet has rich texture levels, clear and delicate, small color difference and good flatness,easy to laminate and blister, no breakage and folding white, moisture-proof performance, harmless, tasteless, no paint, environmental protection and clean etc.

XINXIN’s PVC lamination sheet  is very high quality, timely delivery, is a worthy long-term cooperation partner. And XINXIN has a strong after-sales service system, our after-sales staff will help you solve problems in time, even sometimes during the break.


Quality Control

Production and sales integration ISO quality inspection. Full set of testing equipment

Unique design

According to the trend of each country

Own factory

Complete production line
with reasonable price

On-time delivery

Sufficient production capacity without late delivery

The Main Application Process and Scenarios of 3D

Synchronous embossing PVC lamination sheet 

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Profile Wrapping for Wood profile, aluminum profile, PVC profile for door frame, window sill, base channel, PVC ceiling, skirting’s, photo frame etc.

Lamination for MDF\HDF board, Particle\Wooden\Fiber board, PVC\SPC(RVC)\WPC\LVT floor etc.

Vacuum Press for Doors\Kitchen Cabinets\Wardrobe\Furniture etc.

A Wide Variety of 3D  Synchronous embossing PVC lamination sheet to Meet Your Needs



Length100-300m/roll, according to the thickness, or customized
Width1000mm to 1450mm,customize sizes can be ordered
Thickness0.08mm-0.6mm,Customized sizes can be ordered
CertificationISO14001:2004,ISO9001:2008,SGS and EU ROHS testing


AdvantageEnvironment-friendly, wear-resistant & chemical resistant, unfading & easy to clean, exquisite & rich in colors
FeatureSoft film, Semi-rigid film,rigid film.Waterproof f/UV-proof/smoke proof/fireproof/sound absorbing/heat insulation/anti-static
ColorMore than 1000+colors and patterns PVC decorative lamination sheets for you to choose
Surface treatmentEmbossed,frosted,etched,opaque,Stained.

Some Application Scenarios for 3D Synchronous embossing PVC lamination sheet


Whenever you have a question about 3D Synchronous embossing PVC lamination sheet, please contact us!

XINXIN Group – Your Best Choice for 3D Synchronous embossing PVC lamination sheet Manufacturer

PVC lamination sheet can represent not only the colors of nature, but also the colors of people’s imagination. In many European countries, close to 40% of furniture is made of PVC as a surface material. PVC lamination sheet is natural in color, rich in color, diverse in variety and beautiful in design, and is used in a large number of desks, bookcases, sofas and cabinets in elegant and luxurious styles.For those who are allergic to wood and paint, PVC lamination sheet wrapped furniture or kitchenware is the ideal choice.

By using PVC film as a decorative film, people can use a lot of MDF, particle board, plywood and fiberboard, reducing the amount of wood used, thus reducing the damage to forests and even the environment.From this perspective, PVC film makes a great contribution to the protection of the ecological environment.

XINXIN 3D Synchronous Embossing PVC lamination sheet imports raw materials from Korea and Taiwan, advanced equipment from Germany and Austria, and uses advanced lamination and embossing integrated technology with very realistic textures. For example, our 3D Synchronous embossing wooden grain PVC lamination sheet looks like real wood grain.

XINXIN strictly follows internationally recognized environmental standards. Our products are certified by SGS and ISO9001:2015. If required, we can provide free samples for your testing. We are committed to creating high quality 3D Synchronous Embossing PVC lamination sheet that is environmentally friendly, durable and sophisticated.

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