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The Most Popular KAISHENG

PVC Furniture Sheet

PVC Furniture Sheet

PVC decorative sheet

PVC Decorative Sheet

PVC Membrane Sheet

PVC Membrane Sheet

High glossy PVC Sheet

High Glossy PVC Sheet

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PVC Sheet for Wall Panel

PVC Membrane Foil for Wall Panel

PVC Sheet for Cabinets

Why Choose Us ?

Founded in 2009, KAISHENG XINXIN is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of PVC films. The company is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province – one of the top 100 districts in science and technology innovation, one of the top 100 districts in new urbanization quality and one of the top 100 districts in green development. 

The company insists on honesty as the foundation, science and technology innovation as the mission, adhering to the development concept of specialization, branding and industrialization, the main product applied to the decoration of PVC film – for customers to construct safe, green, energy-saving space decoration solutions.

Inspired by nature, our products transcend nature – we have developed and produced a variety of functional products such as texture series, skin series, weather resistant series, stain resistant series and scratch resistant series, which restore the texture of natural wood, stone, leather and textile and increase the practical performance. The products are mainly used for wardrobes, cabinets, bath cabinets, interior doors, siding and other furniture surface decoration, with environmental protection, flame retardant, moisture-proof, isolate the plate odour volatilization and block the release of formaldehyde and other characteristics.


Quality Control

Production and sales integration ISO quality inspection. Full set of testing equipment

Unique design

According to the trend of each country

Own factory

Complete production line
with reasonable price

On-time delivery

Sufficient production capacity without late delivery

The Main Application Process and Scenarios of PVC Sheet


Profile Wrapping for Wood profile, aluminum profile, PVC profile for door frame, window sill, base channel, PVC ceiling, skirting’s, photo frame etc.


Lamination for MDF\HDF board, Particle\Wooden\Fiber board, PVC\SPC(RVC)\WPC\LVT floor etc.


Vacuum Press for Doors\Kitchen Cabinets\Wardrobe\Furniture etc.

Some of the Most Popular XINXIN PVC Sheet on the Market

PVC Furniture Sheet

PVC furniture sheet is a new type of furniture finishing material, which can be made into various styles, different colours and different patterns, which can fully realize the requirements of DIY and meet the various requirements of customers. 

XINXIN  PVC furniture sheet is available in the following different styles: matte monochrome PVC  sheet, matte wood grain PVC  sheet, matte stone grain PVC sheet, matte monochrome embossed PVC sheet, synchronized PVC sheet, skin feeling  PVC Sheet , high gloss monochrome PVC  sheet, high gloss wood grain PVC  sheet,high gloss 3D PVC sheet, high gloss stone grain PVC sheet, etc.   


PVC Decorative Sheet

PVC decorative sheet  is widely used in furniture veneer, PVC decorative sheet  is a new type of synthetic plastic sheet, which, due to its ductility, high temperature resistance, water resistance, easy to shape, bendable and extendable, can be used not only for flat furniture veneer panels but also for profile cladding.

XINXIN PVC decorative sheet  can be laminated with different materials such as MDF, density board, sandwich board, plastic board, wood plastic board, foam board, steel board, aluminium composite board, fireproof board, etc. XINXIN PVC decorative sheet  can also decorate every simple panel with rich colours, designs and embossing, in the style you want, whether it is European or American minimalist, or Chinese or Chinese style. 

XINXIN PVC decorative sheet  is a very common and practical furniture sheet that not only makes the surface of the furniture look more beautiful, but also protects it and extends its life.

PVC Membrane Sheet

PVC Membrane Sheet is highly resistant to moisture, water will not penetrate the surface and the seams will never warp. The surface of the Membrane Sheet

is resistant to ordinary scratches and impacts, and will not fade or peel in strong sunlight.Used for a large number of high-end cabinets, easy to scrub and oil resistant, also used for blister doors and furniture coverings.

XINXIN PVC Membrane Sheet is  available in glossy and matt finishes. It has the glossy colour and magnificent quality of lacquer, but is also tougher and more resistant than lacquer.With a certain stylistic treatment, it is stylish and classic, with a fine gloss and soft colours.


High glossy PVC Sheet 

XINXIN High Glossy PVC Sheet is a film laminate with a gloss level of 100 or more. The surface effect of XINXIN High Glossy PVC Sheet is crystal bright, colorful and long lasting. With a soft feel and a colourful surface, it is a safe and environmentally friendly building material that can be selected according to the changing color sense of the times.

XINXIN High Glossy PVC Sheet is moisture resistant, anti-corrosive, durable and non-flammable (tested by the National Building Materials Center and meets national fire standards).

In addition, XINXIN High Glossy PVC Sheet does not require plating or painting, saving energy and eliminating the need for waste liquids and exhaust gases.

PVC Sheet for Wall Panel

The PVC Wall Panel Sheet has a wide range of applications, eliminating the need for surface painting and saving processing costs to a certain extent. 

XINXIN PVC Wall Panel Sheet is water and moisture resistant, flame retardant, weather resistant, stamping resistant and wear resistant, and does not fade easily when exposed to the sun indoors or outdoors. It is also rich in colour, with pure colour, realistic wood grain and clear lustre.

XINXIN PVC Wall Panel Sheet is not easily folded, has less shrinkage and has fewer crystal dots than other products. The surface is bright and beautiful, and the vacuum blister has the characteristics of no fading and no white edges.

PVC Sheet for Cabinets

Nowadays, more and more kitchens are made of PVC sheet for Cabinets because of its smooth and easy-to-clean surface, no messy colours and complicated lines, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, non-cracking and long-lasting, so it is very popular in kitchens with small areas and simple and bright designs in ordinary households.

XINXIN PVC Sheet for Cabinets It is easy to clean when stained and will not grow mould in humid environments, nor will it react with acidic or alkaline chemicals.

Whenever you have a question about PVC Sheet, please contact us!

How Is PVC Sheet Produced?


How is PVC sheet produced? Read on to find out the entire process.

1、Raw Material

Everything starts with the raw material supply. The manufacturers will bring in the raw PVC material in order to prepare it for the process. This raw material is unprocessed, and it helps achieve the finished product, respectively the PVC decorative film. Once brought in, the raw material will be prepared for the steps it will be put through to obtain the finished goods.

2、Raw Material Checkout

What happens next is a raw material checkout or inspection – basically, this consists of selecting the materials for manufacturing the PVC sheets at the first stage. This part is very important before the actual process begins.

People assigned to perform the inspection will look into multiple aspects of the material, such as the physical and chemical ones. The goal here is to verify or determine whether the materials meet the requirements of the regulation, specification, or contract.

By checking the raw material, the people who are about to produce the sheets are helping make sure that the supplier is following all the necessary specifications. It also ensures that the materials about to be used are in proper condition and that they can help create a high-quality final product.

In case of any defects or issues with the raw material, the manufacturers will not start the process to prevent any possible costly problems that may arise in the future.

3、PVC Calendering

Calendering is the next step in the production process of PVC decorative film. This procedure is used for high-volume, high-quality plastic film processing. PVC is one of the main materials that go through this process.

During this part of the production, the polymer, which is melted, is subject to heat and pressure in an extruder. Then, it is formed into a sheet or film by calendaring rolls. What influences the properties of the film is the speed and temperature of the rolls.

What makes calendaring such a great and important part of the process is the fact that it offers specialty surface treatments of the film. These include embossing or enhancing the physical properties, as well as the in-line lamination.

4、Printing Performance Testing

Before jumping into other steps, printing performance tests are being done to ensure everything works properly before proceeding. So, the printing performance of the machines used is being tested first.

5、Printing Color Checking

Just like with testing the printing performance, the printing color is also checked. All PVC decorative films have their own color, and they come in batches with different designs. But in order to give them the colors people are looking for, the printing has to go accordingly, and that can be ensured if printing color checking is being done first.

6、Gas Chromatography Inspection

Gas chromatographs are also used in the process. These are basically analytical instruments that help measure the content of different components in a sample. As such, gas chromatography is being performed.

In the PVC production process, gas chromatography inspecting is necessary too before everything else continues. It’s a key of the production that cannot be overlooked. After the material goes through this step, it’s ready to move to the next one.

7、PVC Printing

The next part of this time-consuming process is printing. The PVC is being printed and getting closer to being finished. Printing PVC film is not that difficult – s oftentimes, this doesn’t take too long to be done. Every single sheet is being printed individually.

8、PVC Laminating

PVC laminating is also an essential part of the production process. Basically, a machine helps laminate the sheets. The machine pretty much “sticks” the lamination material onto the PVC. The goal of this step is to protect the surface of the PVC film for a long time to come, making it more durable. As such, it will be able to resist even when there are certain external factors that would otherwise affect its aspect, like UV radiation, for instance.


Rewinding is also used as a second-last step towards finishing the product. A rewinding machine is being used for this, as it helps rewind the film, so the PVC rolls are prepared.


The last step is packing. The PVC decorative film is being packed and ready to be distributed and sold to those who want to use it to decorate their house.


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