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  • Exquisite patterns and popular colors are available
  • Free samples for testing
  • Super clear surface finishes affect

The Most Popular XINXIN
High Glossy PVC Sheet

High-gloss PVC  sheet is a decorative PVC sheet for surface design. Its surface effect is crystal-bright, gorgeous and very three-dimensional, with a gorgeous texture that is not easily discolored. It can be applied in many ways, for example by vacuum pressing technology or by flat laminating technology. It has impressive flexibility and mechanical properties and can be adapted to the intended use.

XINXIN’s high-gloss PVC sheet have a glossy, mirror-like appearance and a very hard surface that is not easily scratched.The most popular color for high-gloss PVC sheet is white. However, the most difficult thing to manage when producing white high-gloss PVC sheet is the color difference between batches. We pay attention to the color matching of each order, we keep samples for each batch of customer’s order and also keep the color cards of customers to do a good job of color control for each batch, so you don’t have to worry about color difference when you work with us. Another common problem with high-gloss PVC sheet is fading in sunlight. XINXIN can provide you with a special feature for UV-resistant high-gloss PVC sheet upon request. This special feature helps prevent the surface from fading quickly in the sun.

By applying XINXIN mirror-like and scratch-resistant sheets to furniture surfaces, the value and quality of your products can reach unprecedented heights. We can provide popular products or customize them according to customers’ requirements.We can provide a one-on-one customization service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Why Choose Us ?

XINXIN has its own PVC  decorative sheet product line and is able to offer very reasonable prices. We have thousands of pattern designs and can also customize according to the customer’s needs. 

XINXIN offers you super bright high-gloss PVC Sheet with premium finish quality. The appearance is a super clear mirror effect. No black dots and fish eyes. And we can provide special UV protection treatment to prevent PVC decorative films from fading quickly.

XINXIN has its own research and development capabilities, constantly designing new products.we support free sample service,low MOQ. full inspection of product thickness and length as well as guaranteeing no color differences between batches. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours and one-on-one professional service will be provided. XINXIN has become an important partner of many large furniture brands in the world and has always maintained a good and lasting relationship. We will cherish every inquiry, every order, and every opportunity to work with you.

Quality Control

Production and sales integration ISO quality inspection. Full set of testing equipment

Unique design

According to the trend of each country

Own factory

Complete production line
with reasonable price

On-time delivery

Sufficient production capacity without late delivery

The Main Application Process and Scenarios of High Glossy PVC Sheet


Profile Wrapping for Wood profile, aluminum profile, PVC profile for door frame, window sill, base channel, photo frame etc.


Lamination for MDF\HDF board, Particle\Wooden\Fiber board, PVC\SPC(RVC)\WPC\LVT floor etc.


Vacuum Press for Doors\Kitchen Cabinets\Wardrobe\Furniture etc.

A Wide Variety of High-gloss PVC Sheet to Meet Your Needs



Length100-300m/roll, according to the thickness, or customized
Width1000mm to 1450mm,customize sizes can be ordered
Thickness0.08mm-0.6mm,Customized sizes can be ordered
CertificationISO14001:2004,ISO9001:2008,SGS and EU ROHS testing


AdvantageEnvironment-friendly, wear-resistant & chemical resistant, unfading & easy to clean, exquisite & rich in colors
FeatureSoft film, Semi-rigid film,rigid film.Waterproof f/UV-proof/smoke proof/fireproof/sound absorbing/heat insulation/anti-static
ColorMore than 1000+colors and patterns PVC decorative lamination sheets for you to choose
Surface treatmentEmbossed,frosted,etched,opaque,Stained.

Some of the Most Popular XINXIN High Glossy PVC Sheets in the Market

High Glossy PVC Wooden Grain Sheet

XINXIN  has top design styles or colors high  glosssy wooden grain sheets to choose from such as ash, walnut, maple, oak, elm, pine and mahogany. Since the establishment of the company, XINXIN has always insisted on using advanced equipment and high quality raw materials and additives, which makes XINXIN high glossy PVC wood grain sheets have the characteristics of natural brightness and elegant hues, and has good ductility, not easy to wrinkle and break during processing, which greatly improves the performance of PVC sheet. It is an ideal product for interior doors, furniture, kitchen and bathroom design applications. 

High Glossy PVC Metallic Series Sheet

XINXIN PVC metallic decorative films are available in mirror gold, mirror silver, brushed gold, brushed silver and matt chrome. Our brushed can be divided into: straight brushed, messy brushed, corrugated brushed and swirled brushed, depending on the pattern after brushing. Metal has always been a common element in home decoration. Different textures of metal and different surface treatments can bring either an elegant nobility, an avant-garde sense of technology or a subdued and understated visual experience to an interior space.

High Gloss PVC Marble Design Sheet

Real marble is not only expensive, but its extraction can damage the ecological environment of nature, hence the birth of PVC marble design decorative film, which is used in decoration. XINXIN PVC marble design decorative film has the realistic texture, pattern and feel of natural marble, but also abandoned the various natural defects of natural marble, is the decoration industry epoch-making innovative products, by the major decoration company’s favorite.

High Gloss PVC  Solid Color Sheet 

XINXIN PVC high gloss decorative film with protective film is water resistant, fire resistant and abrasion resistant and our high gloss films are available in a wide range of wood grain, marble and solid colour designs.XINXIN PVC high gloss films are used in different areas such as office/home furniture, doors etc. or other interior decoration.

Whenever you have a question about high glossy PVC sheet, please contact us!

XINXIN Group – Your Best Choice for High Gloss PVC Sheet Manufacturer

With a top design team leading the decorative market, XINXIN are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most popular High Gloss PVC lamination sheet. XINXIN’s Premium High Gloss is a mirror-like, ultra-glossy and light-reflective high-gloss PVC foil with a crystal-clear look and a special surface treatment with UV-resistant solvents added during the production process, thus providing UV resistance and preventing itself from fading due to strong sunlight. The finish creates a brilliant shine and is the best way to give your room a modern and special feel.

A wide range of patterns and colors are available and can be customized according to customer requirements. XINXIN have strong production and supply chain management capabilities to ensure on-time delivery. Our products have been certified by SGS and ISO9001:2015. Our water-based ink products can meet the export needs of Europe, America and other countries. We have imported advanced equipment from Germany and Austria, raw materials from Korea and Taiwan, and strictly follow the international common environmental standards. We are committed to creating high quality PVC lamination sheets that are environmentally friendly, durable and exquisite.

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