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KAISHENG XINXIN Skin Feeling Wooden Grain PVC Decorative Film

  • Exquisite patterns and popular colors are available
  • Free samples for testing
  • Support customization

Skin Feeling Wooden Grain PVC Decorative Film

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Why Choose Us ?

XINXIN has its own PVC decorative  film and PVC lamination sheet product lines and is able to offer very reasonable price. We have more than one  thousand of pattern designs and can also customize according to the customer’s needs. XINXIN has its own research and development capabilities, constantly designing new products.

We  support  free sample service, low MOQ. full inspection of product thickness and length as well as guaranteeing no color aberration  between batches. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours and one-on-one professional service will be provided. XINXIN has become an important partner of many large furniture brands in the world and has always maintained a good and lasting relationship. We will cherish every inquiry, every order, and every opportunity to work with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Quality Control

Production and sales integration ISO quality inspection. Full set of testing equipments

Unique design

According to the trend of each country

Own factory

Complete production line
with reasonable price

On-time delivery

Sufficient production capacity without late delivery

The Main Application Process and Scenarios of Skin Feeling Wooden PVC Decorative Film


Profile Wrapping for Wood profile, aluminum profile, PVC profile for door frame, window sill, base channel, PVC ceiling, skirting line, photo frame etc.


Lamination for MDF\HDF board, Particle\Wooden\Fiber board, PVC\SPC(RVC)\WPC\LVT floor etc.


Vacuum Press for Doors\Kitchen Cabinets\Wardrobe\Furniture etc.

A Wide Variety of Skin Feeling Wooden Grain PVC Decorative Film to Meet Your Needs

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Length100-300m/roll, according to the thickness, or customized
Width1000mm to 1450mm,customize sizes can be ordered
Thickness0.08mm-0.6mm,Customized sizes can be ordered
CertificationISO14001:2004,ISO9001:2008,SGS and EU ROHS testing


AdvantageEnvironment-friendly, wear-resistant & chemical resistant, unfading & easy to clean, exquisite & rich in colors
FeatureSoft film, Semi-rigid film,rigid film.Waterproof f/UV-proof/smoke proof/fireproof/sound absorbing/heat insulation/anti-static
ColorMore than 1000+colors and patterns PVC decorative lamination sheets for you to choose
Surface treatmentEmbossed,frosted,etched,opaque,Stained.
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Some of the Most Popular XINXIN Skin Feeling Wooden Grain PVC Decorative Film application cases at the Market

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Whenever you have a question about skin feeling wooden grain PVC decorative film, please contact us!

What are the benefits of skin feeling
wooden grain PVC decorative film?

You may be wondering why you would choose skin feeling soft touch film instead of the normal one. What does it have compared to the other materials? Here are some of the benefits that make people buy these skin feeling soft touch PVC decorative films:

Delicate Surface

Obviously, one of the things that make this film so great is the fact that the surface is soft and delicate. When you touch it or run your hands across it, it feels silky. This gives it a cozy and intimate feeling, no matter where you apply it – whether it’s on your door, cabinets, furniture, or other surfaces.

On top of the silky feeling, it also looks pretty and stylish and goes very well with various home designs. Especially if you are aiming for a much simpler design for your home, this type of film can help you achieve the desired look.


Are you tired of those annoying stains that you have to always struggle to clean from your doors or furniture? Well, soft touch PVC film is stain-resistant, which means that you will have no more stains to clean.

It goes through a special treatment that makes it resistant to stains and thus helps it maintain an impeccable look at all times. You have fewer stains to clean, and one less thing to worry about. This is definitely one of the reasons why some people are choosing these PVC films.

Environment Friendly

Tired of products that could severely impact the environment when they are being created? Soft touch PVC decorative film will not be a concern in this regard, because the material is ethically produced and environment friendly. So, you are decorating your home without harming nature in the process.

High Wear-Resistance

You might think that this material is too delicate and will get damaged immediately. In fact, some of these decorative films will last for a long time, despite their soft and silky look. They have been designed to have high wear resistance. So, even if it has been used for a long time, it will still maintain that nice aspect.

You don’t want your PVC films to deteriorate quickly, so this is a great feature to have. If you do not intend to change the design of your home in the next few years, then this might be the right material for you.

Rich and Stable Color

The color is also one of the aspects that make soft touch PVC decorative film so great. Even if you want this type of film, you will not have to sacrifice your favorite shade for the soft feature. You can still have as much color variety as you want and choose something that you like or that will match the rest of your home’s décor.

But what makes it even better is the fact that the color for these films is not only rich but also stable. It will grab people’s attention and it will stay there for a long time to come – meaning you will not see the color fading off too soon.

Great Flatness

The last thing you want for your decorative PVC film is to see it shrinking over time or starting to form wrinkles. It would only ruin the aspect of the surface and you will start thinking of applying a new film, which in return means more money spent on PVC film application.

Well, this kind of soft touch decorative film will stay flat on every surface, and it will maintain this flatness for a very long time. Therefore, you will not see any shrinking or wrinkling happening.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Despite the soft and silky feel, these PVC films can be created in such a way that they do not allow bacteria to reproduce. With anti-bacterial properties, they will not serve as a good breeding environment for bacteria, which means there will not be chances of the material damaging or losing its color as time goes by. Also, it will not affect your health.

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