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Solid Color PVC Calendering Sheet for SPC/MDF/LVT/WPC

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Solid Color PVC Calendering Sheet for SPC/MDF/LVT/WPC
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Solid Color PVC Calendering Sheet for SPC/MDF/LVT/WPC
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XINXIN Group – Your Best Choice for PVC  Calendering Lamination Sheets Manufacturer


With a top design team leading the decorative market, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most popular PVC  calendering lamination sheets. A wide range of patterns and colors are available and can be customized according to customer requirements. We have strong production and supply chain management capabilities to ensure on-time delivery.  We have imported advanced equipment from Germany and Austria, raw materials from Korea and Taiwan, and strictly follow the international common environmental standards. Our products have been certified by SGS and ISO9001:2015.   XINXIN  can provide rigid and semi-rigid PVC calendering lamination sheets  and also We can supply product without plasticizers (Non-phthalate) according to customers’ requirements. We are committed to creating high quality PVC  calendering lamination sheet that are environmentally friendly, durable and exquisite.

Solid Color PVC Calendering Sheet for SPC/MDF/LVT/WPC

XINXIN PVC Calendering Sheet
Process Usage
Vacuum Press Doors\Kitchen Cabinets\Wardrobe\Furniture etc.
Lamination MDF\HDF board, Particle\Wooden\Fiber board, PVC\SPC(RVC)\WPC\LVT floor etc.
Profile Wrapping Wood profile, aluminum profile, PVC profile for door frame, window sill, base channel, PVC ceiling, skirting's, photo frame etc.

XINXIN PVC Calendering Sheet
Process Usage
Adhesive With or without glue(viscose and non-viscose)
Applications Hotels, villas, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, stadiums, supermarkets, warehouses, workshops, parks, courtyards, interior decoration etc.
Style Wood grains series/marble series/metallic series/skin-touch feeling Series/high-gloss solid colors series /pearl
Solid Color PVC Calendering Sheet for SPC/MDF/LVT/WPC


The Very Popular XINXIN   PVC  Calendering Lamination Sheets for 2021


PVC calendering lamination sheet is made by a calendering process  whereby heated PVC plastic is rotated in reverse through a space between one or more horizontal rollers, causing the material to be extruded and extended into a thin product with a certain thickness, width and smooth surface. XINXIN can produce soft PVC films of 0.05~0.5mm thickness and rigid PVC sheets of 0.3~1.0mm thickness. In the home decoration industry, it is used in large quantities on SPC/MDF/LVT/WPC as a wear-resistant layer and a printing substrate for PVC lamination sheet. In daily life, it can also be used for PVC packaging sheets, PVC decorative film, geotechnical film,  greenhouse film, light box film, artificial leather and floor leather. Our PVC calendering films are made with advanced equipment and raw materials, and carefully designed formulations to ensure that our calendering films have no problems such as white frost precipitation and uneven thickness, and can achieve high surface tension and tensile strength. In addition, in line with the need for environmental protection, we can offer environmentally friendly products that do not contain plasticisers. XINXIN can provide various solid color PVC calendering films, we have a large number of various colors in stock, we can also customize new solid color PVC calendering lamination sheets according to the samples or color cards provided by customers.



PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)


Environmental-friendly, wear-resistant & chemical resistant, unfading & easy to clean, exquisite & rich in colors


Soft film, semi-rigid film, rigid film. Waterproof/UV-proof/smokeproof/fireproof/sound absorbing/heat insulation/anti-static


More than 1000+ colors and patterns PVC decorative lamination sheets for you to choose

Surface treatment

Embossed, frosted, etched, opaque, stained

Surface Effect

High gloss/Matte


100-300m/roll, according to the thickness, or customized


1000mm to 1450mm, customized sizes can be ordered


0.08mm-0.6mm, customized sizes can be ordered


ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008,SGS and EU ROHS testing


Why Choose Us  ?


XINXIN has its own pvc decorative  film and PVC lamination sheet product lines and is able to offer very reasonable prices. We have more than one  thousand of pattern designs and can also customize according to the customer’s needs. XINXIN has its own research and development capabilities, constantly designing new products.we  support  free sample service,low MOQ. full inspection of product thickness and length as well as guaranteeing no color differences between batches. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours and one-on-one professional service will be provided. XINXIN has become an important partner of many large furniture brands in the world and has always maintained a good and lasting relationship. We will cherish every inquiry, every order, and every opportunity to work with you.

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